Using Nature for Marketing

RC SEIC Office
1 min readMar 15, 2022

Author: Selin

In Article D1 of the ICC Marketing Code, there is a statement that “advertisements cannot be made in a way that exploits the environmental awareness of consumers or the possible lack of
knowledge in this area.” Printing a photo on a toilet lid that could be taken on almost all of the Cappadocia Balloon Tours probably will not harm the lack of sensitivity since there is currently a problem going on with that. However, it is terrifying to see that people use a picture of nature
for marketing purposes and then pollute the thing they make money off of. In this context, we have to find an answer to a crucial question: “Is that really how we wanted to bring attention to nature?” Do I really have to think about nature only when a toilet lid appears in the middle of the forest? Because, with the development of some restrictions, I could get fascinated by the beauty of a flower instead of looking at a disgusting toilet lid.


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Nov. 2020,



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