Screw Up Night

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2 min readMar 7, 2023

Author: Ayda (Grade 10)

Editor: İpek (Grade 11)

RC Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity Office (RC SEIC) held its second Screw-Up Night of the year on March 2 in Commons Amphitheater. Teachers and students came together to share their experiences and have quality time.

We started the event with our biology teacher Ms. Kara, who shared her experience in the choir. Hearing her talk made us realize that through this event we learn about sides of the members of our community that we have no idea about.

Next, we had our music teacher Mr. Baysal, who started his speech with an inspirational quote from Şems-i Tebrizi, a Persian poet:

Instead of resisting the changes that God throws at you, surrender. Let life flow with you, not against you. Don’t worry, “My order will be disrupted, my life will be turned upside down.” How do you know that your life’s “down” won’t be better than its “upside”?

He highlighted that failures aren’t something we should fear, on the contrary, they are what got us where we are. He shared his own story, in which his big failure led him to be a music teacher at Robert College. With his amazing storytelling, he made everyone in the room laugh.

Next, it was an open mic session. In our previous Screw-Up Night, we had many guests who wanted to speak but didn’t have time to do so. That’s why we thought that allocating more time for our guests to speak would be better.

We heard many different kinds of stories: memories from elementary and middle school, with their friends and teachers, summer schools, technical issues in presentations, problems encountered in music performances, and even failures of the day of Screw Up Night.

That is to say, we all learned tonight that we shouldn’t let anyone upset us because we made a mistake. We may not know what that failure can bring to us, or what it can lead to.

This was this year’s second and last Screw-Up Night. We thank our dear teachers and our guests that were with us this evening. Stay tuned for many other SEIC events!



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