RC SDG 13 Climate Action Challenge Design Teams’ Work on Defining Solutions and Prototyping

  1. Form your operation model by thinking of different possibilities and testing them.
  2. Take advantage of existing resources.
  3. Determine your pricing strategy, sources of earned income, and capital structure.
  4. Choose your scaling strategy wisely.
  • Conducting interviews in the empathy stage was a new experience for me.
  • I was empowered by being in such a supportive circle in which young people gather to heal the world.
  • I used to be a judgmental person, but I learned to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • We have the power to do more than we expect.
  • Being a part of the right team brings good ideas to the table.
  • I learned how to act wisely in times of crisis.



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RC SEIC Office

RC SEIC Office


Robert College Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity Office